FSE Polo Shirt

We are going to order polo shirts for our main conference registrants and student volunteers. You can find the design and size chart below. Please kindly indicate your preferred size on our registration website if you register for the main conference.

Black: for main conference registrants

Red: for student volunteers
Polo Shirt Size Chart (Ladies)
Suitable height150 – 160 cm160 – 165 cm165 – 170 cm
Length58 cm61 cm64 cm
Shoulder34 cm37 cm40 cm
Chest (width)41 cm43 cm46 cm
Sleeve15 cm16 cm17 cm
Polo Shirt Size Chart (Men)
Suitable height160 – 165 cm165 – 170 cm170 – 175 cm175 – 180 cm180 – 185 cm185 – 190 cm
Length66 cm68 cm70 cm72 cm74 cm76 cm
Shoulder42 cm44 cm46 cm48 cm50 cm52 cm
Chest (width)48 cm50 cm52 cm54 cm56 cm58 cm
Sleeve21 cm22 cm23 cm23 cm24 cm24 cm
Note: Due to the time constraints by our polo-shirt supplier, we can only offer the preferred size for early bird registrants.
Note for ladies: If you are not sure about the shirt size, please choose a larger size than normal because our shirts for ladies adopt a slim design.